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deodorisation of red seaweed (kappaphycus alvarezii) powder for potential food and bioplastic applications 01-10-202130-09-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
potential food bio-preservative poly-lactic acid (pla) film incorporated with alpinia mutica leave extracts 01-08-202031-07-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
conversion of edible bird’s nest (ebn) by-product glycoprotein to glycopeptide and sialic acid as functional ingredients 01-01-202130-06-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
program: valorisation of edible bird’s nest processing by-products to high-value functional ingredients 01-01-202130-06-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
pemerkasaan minat dan kebolehpasaran pelajar dalam sains dan teknologi, melalui inovasi produk sawit serta program perkongsian bersama pihak industri (ceo day@ukm) 01-12-202231-05-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
identification of oviposition attractant and optimisation of larval rearing medium for scavenging black soldier fly (diptera: stratiomyidae) from community organic waste 01-09-201931-05-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
upscaled extraction and deodorization of fucoidan from malaysian brown seaweed (sargassum sp.) as premium functional food ingredient 01-12-201928-02-2023 Penyelidik Bersama
lemak sisa biji jeruk mangga sebagai sumber alternatif lemak koko 01-08-202031-01-2023 Ketua Projek
deodorisation of red seaweed (kappaphycus alvarezii) powder for potential food and bioplastic applications. 01-10-202131-12-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
fractionation and structure elucidation of edible bird`s nest glycopeptides fractions with high bioactivity through structure-activity relationship analysis 01-09-201930-11-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
- 16-10-202015-10-2022 Ketua Projek
anti-obesity and anti-hyperlipidemic effects of kesum (polygonum minus) leaves extract (pmle) in sprague dawley rats 01-10-201930-09-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
production of high omega-3 fish oil from jade perch fish visceral waste 15-11-201814-05-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
characterisation of phytochemical and in vitro antioxidant properties of colubrina asiatica (peria pantai) extract and its effect on the shelf life quality of aerobic and vacuum packed cooked chicken meat. 15-11-201814-02-2022 Penyelidik Bersama
pembangunan realiti terimbuh dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran berasaskan amali sains 01-08-202031-01-2022 Ketua Projek
development of silkworm (bombyx mori) bioactive peptides from silk sheet industrial by-product via enzymatic hydrolysis 01-02-202031-07-2021 Ketua Projek
- 23-07-201922-07-2021 Ketua Projek
cocoa endophytic and cocoa plants microbiome: effects on combating human pathogens and fermentation process 15-11-201814-05-2021 Penyelidik Bersama
development of natural pickering emulsifiers from pepper (piper nigrum) pericarp waste 16-10-201715-04-2021 Penyelidik Bersama
pengukuhan indeks daya saing program akademik fakulti sains dan teknologi 01-01-202030-09-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
functional polysaccharides from malaysian brown seaweeds 16-10-201715-07-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
development of innovative coconut oil-based mayonnaise 15-09-201814-03-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
production of pilot scale spray dried edible bird`s nest (ebn) hydro-biopeptide as functional ingredient 15-08-201714-02-2020 Penyelidik Bersama
production of water soluble elastin peptide powder from poultry skin waste using fabricated extraction system 04-10-201603-10-2019 Penyelidik Bersama
enhancing the process of fresh pepper retting via enzymatic and microbial for the preparation of white pepper 01-08-201631-07-2019 Ketua Projek
in vivo digestibility and prebiotic effects of cellulose oligosaccharides from oil palm mesocarp fiber 01-08-201631-01-2019 Penyelidik Bersama
smart spoilage-technology: a rapid easy-to-use detection kit for palm oil deterioration and quality 01-10-201531-10-2017 Penyelidik Bersama
production of deodorised fucoidan from malaysian brown seaweed (sargassum sp.) 01-06-201531-05-2017 Penyelidik Bersama
research acculturation collaborative effort (race)-mentor: wan aida bt. wan mustapha 26-01-201525-01-2017 Mentor
kesan tindakan laccase terhadap sringaldehyde 15-06-201530-09-2016 Penyelidik Bersama
production of diaylglycerol through chemical glycerolsis of avocado oil using hydrodynamic celitation 15-06-201530-09-2016 Ketua Projek
production of diaylglycerol through chemical glycerolsis of avocado oil using hydrodynamic celitation 15-06-201514-06-2016 Penyelidik Bersama
production of diaylglycerol through chemical glycerolsis of avocado oil using hydrodynamic celitation 15-06-201514-06-2016 Ketua Projek
extending shelf life of tiramisu and mini macaroon 01-01-201631-05-2016 Penyelidik Bersama
accelerating fermentation process of ikan pekasam by using lactic acid bacteria (lab) starter culture 01-01-201431-12-2015 Ketua Projek
enhancing marinade functionality by incorporating cinnamaldehyde nanoemulsion in intact meat muscle 16-12-201315-12-2015 Ketua Projek
systemic characterisation and manipulation of phenylpropanoid pathway using microbial systems for the production of fine chemicals from lignin 01-11-201331-10-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
isolation of bioactive elastin peptides from livestock by-products 01-06-201230-06-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
effect of ph on the adsorption of octanoic acid and rutin (an antioxidant compound) in mengkudu juice onto ion exchange resin 20-05-201319-05-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
sistem ramuan makanan halal berasaskan web semantik 10-05-201309-05-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
peningkatan pencapaian penerbitan fakulti sains dan teknologi 01-04-201431-03-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
characterization of antioxidant properties of black liquor form oil palm empty fruit bunch 01-04-201431-03-2015 Penyelidik Bersama
pencirian dan pembangunan produk berasaskan daripada rumpai laut malaysia 01-04-201431-03-2015 Ketua Projek
bantuan kewangan bahan penyelidikan (bkbp): wan aida bt. wan mustapha 01-01-201431-03-2015 Penyelia
yayasan inovasi malaysia (yim) grassroot innovation programme 03-10-201231-12-2014 Penyelidik Bersama
enzyme and microbial biotransformation of plant fiber for the production of vanillic acid and vanillin 15-06-201214-06-2014 Penyelidik Bersama
kesan perlakuan stim dan tindakan enzim terhadap sakarifikasi serat tandan kosong kelapa sawit 01-01-201331-03-2014 Penyelidik Bersama
characterisation and product development of focoidans from malaysian seaweed 01-01-201331-03-2014 Ketua Projek
bantuan kewangan bahan penyelidikan: wan aida bt. wan mustapha 01-03-201328-02-2014 Penyelia
projek penyelidikan hiliran rumpai laut 01-10-201031-12-2013 Penyelidik Bersama
penentuan tanda aras kualiti parameter pemprosesan ikan pekasam 15-05-201314-11-2013 Ketua Projek
investigating the adsorption of fruit acids and antioxidants to ion exchange resin 08-08-201108-08-2013 Penyelidik Bersama
production of value-added products from local renewable resources 01-08-201131-07-2013 Penyelidik Bersama
the scent of the world`s largest flower: headspace isolation and characterisation of chemical volatiles emitted by the rafflesia and their attractancy towards insects pollinators 08-07-201007-07-2013 Penyelidik Bersama
pembangunan produk nutrisi dan kekenyangan tepung beras perang pra-campuran pelbagai guna 25-06-201224-06-2013 Penyelidik Bersama
plant tissue culture as an alternative for production of useful secondary metabolite: a comparative study of the essential oil of polianthes tuberose l. obtained from na 08-08-201108-02-2013 Penyelidik Bersama
analysis of volatile chemical in ficus species as a basic towards understanding the foraging behaviour of bats 01-11-201031-10-2012 Penyelidik Bersama
estraction and characterization of water soluble polysaccharides from malaysian sea weeds 08-08-201107-08-2012 Ketua Projek
production to downstream bioprocessing of hydrophobically-tagged-peptide enzyme 01-07-200930-06-2012 Penyelidik Bersama
production of succinic acid as a flavouring agent by soudough lactic acid bacteria 01-06-200830-06-2012 Ketua Projek
physico-chemical properties of nocturnally dipersed figs (ficus spp) 01-10-200730-06-2012 Penyelidik Bersama
development of a biotransformation process for vanillic acid production via degradation of agro-waste materials 01-06-201031-05-2012 Penyelidik Bersama
anti-inflammatory and anti-halitosis effects of selected piperaceae species in the oral cavity 01-06-200830-11-2011 Penyelidik Bersama
acrylamide reduction in potato chips 01-02-201030-06-2011 Ketua Projek
novel systems biology approach towards elucidation of biosynthesis networks of secondary metabolites 09-01-200731-12-2010 Penyelidik Bersama
effect of different local 'ragi' fermentation process on physical-chemical properties of bakery products 01-10-200730-06-2010 Penyelidik Bersama
production of spray-dried oligochitosan for use as ingredient 01-06-200831-05-2010 Penyelidik Bersama
production of seafood flavourings from fish processing byproducts using plastein reaction 01-07-200731-12-2009 Ketua Projek
effects of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-mcp) on ripening-related texture changes, ethylene biosynthesis and storage quality of papaya fruit 01-12-200601-12-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
characterisation of genes induced during stress in hairy roots of polygunom minus 01-11-200631-10-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
synthesis of bio-vanillin from lignin of palm oil empty fruit bunch 01-11-200631-10-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
analysis of volatile fruit scent constituents of bat-dispersed figs (ficus spp) 01-07-200701-07-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
development of a continuous deacidification process for the deodorization of noni extract. 01-12-200631-05-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
a biosensor-flow injection analysis system utilizing acrylic nanospheres for the determination of proteins and food additives. 01-12-200631-05-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
studies on toxicity and oxidative activity of palm sugar-like flavouring 01-12-200631-05-2009 Ketua Projek
rapid methods in the investigations of the effect of fundamental processing on chemical characteristics of bread 01-03-200728-02-2009 Penyelidik Bersama
characterisation, chemical attributes, nutritional and eating qualities of malaysian organic rice 01-01-200701-01-2009 Ketua Projek
- 21-10-2019 Penyelia
- 01-12-2016 Ketua Projek